I spent last weekend back home in New York for the first time in a month. Although it was a pretty short trip, I got to see multiple groups of people I love in multiple different places, so it feels like it was quite a full weekend. Now that I’m thinking about it, I actually got to spend a lot of time outside, too, which is awesome because lately I’ve been wondering where the summer’s going…

I even got to swim in a pool. UNDERWATER. I even did a couple DIVES. T’was a pretty good weekend, indeed.


empty beach

It is SO beautiful out today. I started off my morning with a nice run outside and then did some free weights on the beach — like, I took my shoes off, hopped up onto a rock, and stared out into the ocean as I worked out my arms. It was so awesome.

The beach looked so beautiful that I had to come back with my camera. On my walk there, I found a little turtle who was trying to cross the road upside down! I picked him up and helped him on his way (photo here).

Later on I’m going to ride bikes around the park with my boy Jon-Pierre. Today is great. I can’t wait for RIGHT NOW.

last week on instagram

Yet another awesome week! It must be that spring is finally here. I had two nerve-wracking yet exciting days filled with interviews and the rest were spent taking it easy and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Let the warm days keep coming!

crop me out

Forget spring, I’m ready for summer. Forever 21 is killin’ it with their crop game right now. Maybe sleeveless turtleneck crop tops are an oxymoron, but I’ve always loved literary terms anyway. It’s hard to believe it’s still winter when it feels like a gorgeous spring day. But spring makes me want summer — and I always dress for warmer weather — so today it’s winter and I’m dressed for summer. I know I said I’d get all my things organized today, but, like, it’s 62 degrees out. It would be a sin to stay inside.

Turtleneck crop top & high waisted shorts: Forever 21

pura vida

If I could describe Costa Rica in one word, it would be “chill.” Of course we spent just one week in just one little town, but it’s pretty obvious that a laid back way of life is one that’s lived by all. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the people were absolutely incredible. Our group of five knows just a handful of Spanish, collectively, but we tried our hardest to speak the language as much as possible. Every single person we encountered was more than willing to help us, teach us, and stand patiently while we wracked our brains for every word. PLUS everyone loves Americans. You don’t just find that everywhere — or anywhere, for that matter. I had never felt so welcomed in another country before.

We all surfed for the first time, which was SO much fun. An iguana LIVED on our ROOF. We rode bikes around town. We rode golf carts home from the bar. We rode horses on the beach — which was everything from a whale of a time to the most terrifying thing any of us had ever done. We ate way too much casado, drank way too much fresh fruit juices (no, like I took a photo of our hotel’s drink menu), and got a little too much sun. It was all perfect.

“Pura Vida” is Costa Rica’s slogan and we heard it many, many times. It literally translates to “pure life,” but has so many uses — “awesome,” “thank you,” “no problem.” It fits in so well with the country’s culture.

One of the locals we met told us about how he’d been to New York. He loved Montauk (understandably), but didn’t like the city. “New York City no es Pura Vida,” he said. And how right he is. Everyone’s always rushing around, people don’t smile as much as they should, we’re always trying to get somewhere we’re not — and fast. I really do love Manhattan, but I’d love to live a more relaxed life for a while. Life is about living in the moment, not trying to rush through it to get to the next.

Pura Vida, you guys. Costa Rica, I’ll be back.