I spent last weekend back home in New York for the first time in a month. Although it was a pretty short trip, I got to see multiple groups of people I love in multiple different places, so it feels like it was quite a full weekend. Now that I’m thinking about it, I actually got to spend a lot of time outside, too, which is awesome because lately I’ve been wondering where the summer’s going…

I even got to swim in a pool. UNDERWATER. I even did a couple DIVES. T’was a pretty good weekend, indeed.



This is a pretty talented 18-year-old photographer. I ain’t no model, but we did a couple mini shoots a few months ago, before I moved to Philly.. and before Will moved to┬áCali to do some work for Vans. It’s hard to believe he’s six years younger than I am. I think I have a lot to learn from this little cutie!