I spent last weekend back home in New York for the first time in a month. Although it was a pretty short trip, I got to see multiple groups of people I love in multiple different places, so it feels like it was quite a full weekend. Now that I’m thinking about it, I actually got to spend a lot of time outside, too, which is awesome because lately I’ve been wondering where the summer’s going…

I even got to swim in a pool. UNDERWATER. I even did a couple DIVES. T’was a pretty good weekend, indeed.


the best

My family is the coolest. I love them more than anything that exists.

fall back

┬áToday is a momentous occasion. It’s not a birthday or a celebration of events past. No, today is a different kind of holiday. It’s one that confuses little minds all around the world. It turns the simplest of arrangements into a whirl of confusion. People are late, people are early, no one appears to be on the same schedule. There’s a saying that is meant to ease confusion on this day, yet said saying, in fact, does just the opposite.

The most-had conversation of the day usually goes exactly as follows:

“Wait, so, we lose an hour, right?”
“Yeah, I think so.”
“No, cause it’s ‘fall back,’ so that means the clock goes back an hour.”
“Ohh, okay, so we lose an hour.”
“No – I mean – I think we –”
“Oh yeah, we gain an hour. So then that makes it–”
“Wait, did our clocks change on their own, or?”
“I’m just going by my phone, it uses a satellite for the time, so”
“Okay, good, so we still have an hour before we have to be there.”
“But wait, so do the clocks jump ahead?”

That’s right, kids. It’s Daylight Savings — the most utterly, inappropriately, and unnecessarily confusing holiday in existence.

What’s everyone doing with their extra hour today? I have no idea why I was awake so early this morning, but I spent mine enjoying the beauty that is the fall. I was even up early enough to experience steam rising from the pond! It reminded me of the hot springs I’ve seen at Yellowstone, as well as in New Zealand. The only thing is, this hot spring is a little too cold to take a dip.