sneak peek

Sneak Peek Beauty DIY

Sneak Peek Beauty DIY

A little sneak peek of a really easy beauty DIY I’m doing on BLDG 25 next week. Check over there on Monday morning to see!!



It’s so much fun working with these girls every day — especially when we get to hang out in Free People clothes as part of our JOB. We’re now doing a monthly feature called Blogger Picks where we each choose a bunch of products that we’d love to have.. then we take photos and post ’em on the blog. It’s really not too bad of a gig, ha!

Photos by Dylana Suarez

last week on instagram

This weekend I was able to finally get almost settled, thanks to the help of my lovely assistant (boyfriend) Jon. The only thing I’m really missing is a kitchen table! And internet. Also, I think my stove has a gas leak. But the most important thing is that I now have beautiful shelves in my kitchen and bedroom, pretty knobs on my cabinets, a new filtered shower head (who knew the water in Philly was going to try its darndest to ruin my hair?!), a faux window in my bathroom, and some other lovely touches that make my little baby apartment feel like a cozy home! I’m quite happy! Aside from setting all of that up, we didn’t really do much else over the weekend. Getting settled sure is tiring, but I’m looking forward to all the fun that will come after I’m totally settled — woohoo!

Also, my first video ever appeared on the BLDG 25 blog! So psyched about that! Just a quick video to show the Kinfolk dinner I had the pleasure of attending with mah gurl Naomi!

Here it is:

I hope you guys had an excellent weekend!

cinco de (don’t you dare say drinko)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all! I laced up some cacti just for the occasion! Well, I probably would have laced up some cacti anyway. You guys know about my thing with lace. But if you want to see some more Cinco de Mayo party decor ideas, hop over to my post on the BLDG 25 blog!

Have fun holiday and drink lots of (good) beer!