diy crochet laptop cover

DIY Crochet Laptop Cover

As you guys most likely know, I’m obsessed with crochet. I tried to make a crochet laptop cover in April of last year, but I didn’t have the proper ingredients. It was the day before I was leaving for Paris (my first trip abroad), and I was bringing my laptop with me. I knew I couldn’t be in such a fashionable city without a gorgeous cover for my laptop, so on a whim, I covered my clear laptop cover in hot glue and desperately tried adhering a crochet doily to it. I waited and waited for the glue to dry, but it just wouldn’t. I brought it to Paris with me anyway. The glue dried, but would only adhere to the doily. I ended up peeling the entire thing off and throwing it in the garbage.

Welp, over a year later I realized I was still longing for that crochet cover. So today I made exactly that. This time I used spray adhesive instead of hot glue, and guess what — it worked!

What you need:
DIY Crochet Laptop CoverSpray adhesive
Are there different types? I have no idea. I just used a multi-purpose adhesive made by Scotch — just make sure it’ll bond to both fabric and plastic (or whatever it is your case is made of).

Crochet item
I used a crochet top that I got at a thrift store for $3. I’ve worn it a couple of times, but somehow the armpits turned red, so I figured I’d give it a new use! You can use any crochet item, even just crochet scraps — just make sure you have enough to cover the surface of your laptop cover.

Make sure they’re sharp — this will speed up the last step, and by this point you’ll be itchin’ to be finished!

Laptop Cover
You could really use any kind. I used the Hardshell Case by Incase, which I was lucky enough to find at TJMaxx for less than $20. I liked that mine was clear so it didn’t take away from the look of the crochet on top, but it could be cute for your crochet cover to have a little color peeking through from underneath!

**You will also need something to use as a barrier between your cover and the surface of your workspace as you’ll see below.

What you do:

DIY Crochet Laptop Cover

1. Lay cover on paper
Spray adhesive has a tendency to adhere to anything in sight, so it’s a good idea to place a protective barrier between your laptop cover and the surface of your workspace.

2. Spray glue adhesive
Hold the can 6-8 inches away from your laptop cover and completely cover the surface with glue. I did mine in an up-and-down motion, working from left to right — but you can probably get pretty creative with your design.. just make sure to do it quickly — you want to get to the next step while the glue is in its prime.

3. Lay crochet in place
This part can get a little tricky. You have to work fast to assure maximum adhesiveness, and you have to get the placement of the crochet right on the first try — so you either must be really good at perfecting your placement on the first try, or (like me) you must not mind the uniquely imperfect look. Luckily I like my things to look handmade — I would never be able to make this look perfect. To save yourself a little work, line one side of your crochet piece exactly along one side of your computer cover — this saves you from having to cut an additional side of crochet in the next step.

4. Cut off excess
Use a pair of really sharp scissors for this step. Cut along each edge to remove excess crochet. Keep in mind that because crochet is done by looping thread together, you won’t likely get a perfectly clean edge, and you’ll probably be left with a ton of tiny remnants all over your workspace when you’re finished.

And there you go! I’m so excited with how mine turned out. As I said, it’s nowhere near perfect, but I love it! I want to bring this with me everywhere as an accessory to go with all of my crochet-infested outfits!

DIY Crochet Laptop Cover