hops for all


Happy National IPA Day, everyone! Have a beer or 8.


last week on instagram

This past week I received some awesome, awesome news. I got my freaking dream job. There are some big changes to come in my life. I’ll tell you guys all about it this week!

afternoon brews

I spent this afternoon at a brewery with four of my favorite people in the entire world. Onlookers may have deemed me the fifth wheel, but to them I say, “Shush.” We went to Bluepoint Brewery, home of the greatest beer I’ve ever consumed: Hoptical Illusion. Check me out in that photo, looking like a kid in a candy store — or a deer in headlights. Whichever. We even had the nerve to attend a tour of the place. It’s amazing that so many different types of delicious beer can be brewed in such a tiny spot. I finally understand why tours exist: If you’re interested in the subject matter, the tour rules.

The brewery allows you three free samples, and anything after that is still a good price. It was awesome. I tried a bunch of new beers, with one particular favorite: Wet Hops — their newest brew. The weather was extremely mild for late November, and we had an awesome time sitting at the tables outside. The place was pretty packed, as well. This was our second time visiting this place, and we’ve decided to make it an annual fall tradition. So, we’ll see you next year, Bluepoint — I mean, if we can make it that long without you.

a country a day

.The Europe portion of my trip was extremely fast-paced, to the point where I was literally in a new country every day. These photo highlights from the aforementioned continent will never leave my brain. Maybe because they’re photos. But quite possibly because these places are just that beautiful. My two favorites: Switzerland and Slovenia.