vintage finds: tiny love

Tiny VaseTiny Vase on Tiny PlatesTiny PlatesPretty Tiny PlatesTiny Flower Vase on Tiny Plates

I have always been a sucker for anything itty bitty. Today I went to a giant flea market in the ‘burbs with my friends and made out with (among others) the tiny little gems above. Five extra small antique butter dishes and one baby perfume glass bottle (which I’m using as a vase). I have no idea what I’m going to use the butter dishes for, but I’m pretty stoked about them!


vintage finds: my kitchen

Antique Silver Serving UtensilsVintage KitchenFlowers Kitchen TableVintage Silver UtensilsVintage Glass Bowl with Yellow Lace DetailAntique Silver and Glass Salt and Pepper ShakersVintage Metal Fan

I think the most exciting part about moving into my own apartment is that, for the first time in my life, I get to have my own kitchen. No, that’s definitely it. Ever since I first got into decorating, I’ve longed for a gorgeous bright white kitchen with all different kinds of unique antique glasses, plates, and utensils, each complete with pretty details — the kind that they just don’t make anymore. Now my kitchen is nowhere near bright, but it does happen to be white, and I’m starting to get the gorgeous part down, too. I’m having so much fun collecting little kitchenware gems whenever I come across them.

My ultimate goal is to have a full eclectic mix of swirly, floral, dainty everything, where there are no more than two of each item. I’m picturing gatherings I want to host once I have a house, where every place setting has a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, wine glass and water glass — and every single piece is unique. I know it’s going to take a while to build up the collection of my dreams, but right now there’s only one person eating here regularly, and she’s pretty content with that which she uses to serve herself up some food each day.

new toys

Brigette in MirrorBrigette in Mirror

Vintage Dress, Belt, and Pressed Flower Necklace

I’m quite enjoying my new camera and lens — the lens just came today! Also currently enjoying this $4 floral dress and $3 pressed flower necklace that I’ve acquired within the past few days. Yesterday I got a kitchen table — finally! I’ve been functioning without one for over a month. Of course, it’s still in my car right now. There’s a little alley that leads from the street to my front door, and the darn table will not fit down it — the alley is just about as wide as I am. I’ll have to ask my neighbor if he’ll let me bring it through the first floor of his house.. so for now, it stays in my car.

Now that I have all the essentials, I need to start being extremely careful with what I’m spending. Ugh. I’m a real human now. I pay for rent and groceries and internet and gas and.. I don’t even want to think about it. I already spent $85 on food for the week. It’s Tuesday. I also just got my first internet bill! $90. It does feel good to be doing this all on my own, I’m just nervous that I’m not keeping a close enough eye on what I’m actually buying. The price of life certainly does add up pretty fast!

thrift scores

I have just returned from my first thrift excursion as a resident of Philadelphia. I’m pretty pleased with what I got. It’s crazy that these days I have zero interest in looking at clothes while I’m thrifting — my mind is purely focused on housewares. How gorgeous is the color palette of that rug? And the antique soup spoons just melt my heart — I can’t wait to use them. I also love that crochet thing, whatever it is.

hello yellow

The lovely big forsythia tree in my yard has been calling my name for weeks! Today I finally decided to cut some and bring it into the house. Y’all know how much I love bringing the outdoors in.

Forsythia is awesome because all it takes is one little branch in a vase to make a statement — a nice little pop of color. You could also do a whole bunch in a bigger vase for a more romantic look.

HA! As I’m typing this, my sister says to me, “This room looks so much better with these daisies or whatever.”

I’m glad she noticed!

(Floral dress & belt: thrifted)

field of daisies

It’s finally time for floral maxi dresses and I could not be happier about it. My friend introduced me to an awesome new thrift store last week and I made out with THREE — which cost me $20 altogether. The one pictured above is a sheer dress covered in daisies. I love the high neckline and single tiny button closure in the back (button not pictured). I wore it last week with a little belt for a more pull-together look, but for today’s shoot I was in a more flowy mood. As I said, it’s pretty sheer, so I just have to make sure not to wear it in the wrong light!

Dress: Thrifted
Bracelet/ring: Handmade in Costa Rica

thrift game proper

I found this gorgeous necklace at my favorite thrift store yesterday — how awesome is it?! I paid $8, which is pretty steep for me, but it’s really heavy and just so, so cool. I couldn’t resist. I’mma be rocking this thing all summer long.

It’s probably going to be pretty quiet around this here blog for the next few days. I have two intense days of interviews for my two favorite companies in the entire freaking world. I’m not sure if words could possibly express my level excitement right now. AH! I’ll check y’all later.

‘nother little thrift gem

Currently loving that this American Apparel skirt cost me $2.23, but hating that it shrunk so much in the wash. It’s a little tough for me to breathe today, kids!

Now I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day. Happy SPD, everyone. Don’t you dare drink and drive!

Denim skirt: Thrifted
Tye-die tank: Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand

the thrift award

Every thrifter has one item that they’re the most proud of; the shiniest diamond in the roughest of roughs. This is mine. It’s a navy Brooks Brothers blazer that fits me like a gosh darn glove. I scored this baby a few years ago for $4. FOUR DOLLARS. It was in perfect condition. I’m not sure it had ever even been worn. I haven’t found a better thrift gem since — and I’ve found quite a few gems. I just love it. I wear it all year round. It’s probably the best in the fall or spring because I can use it as a light jacket, but I love to wear it at night in the summer with an oversized tank top and an itty bitty pair of shorts.

Now, I must know, what’s the best item you’ve ever thrifted?

dollar store gems: navajo backpack

If you go into a dollar store with an ultra-specific shopping list in mind, you probably won’t conquer it. But if you go into a dollar store “just because,” holy cow, you will be so surprised what you may find! When I’m in gung-ho dollar store mode, I always hit up Jack’s 99 Cents Store on 31st and 6th. When I’m in a crafty mood, I go to Dollar Tree on Long Island. And now I have another favorite to add to the list. To be honest, I don’t know the name of it. I do know that it’s on 14th and 5th. And I also know that it’s where I got the amazing navajo mini backpack pictured above.

$1.99, folks. That’s what I paid for this little guy. Is the quality of material good? No. Is the construction flawed? Absolutely. Is it awesome? Yes, ma’am. If I can spend $6 on a beer that I down in 15 minutes, I’m pretty okay with spending $2 on a backpack that will last a few months. I’m a little in love with it. I just hope my other little guy doesn’t get jealous.

And just in case you were wondering..
Tank top: Weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand
Jeans: Boutique in Wellington, New Zealand
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Top Shop