I spent last weekend back home in New York for the first time in a month. Although it was a pretty short trip, I got to see multiple groups of people I love in multiple different places, so it feels like it was quite a full weekend. Now that I’m thinking about it, I actually got to spend a lot of time outside, too, which is awesome because lately I’ve been wondering where the summer’s going…

I even got to swim in a pool. UNDERWATER. I even did a couple DIVES. T’was a pretty good weekend, indeed.


new toys

Brigette in MirrorBrigette in Mirror

Vintage Dress, Belt, and Pressed Flower Necklace

I’m quite enjoying my new camera and lens — the lens just came today! Also currently enjoying this $4 floral dress and $3 pressed flower necklace that I’ve acquired within the past few days. Yesterday I got a kitchen table — finally! I’ve been functioning without one for over a month. Of course, it’s still in my car right now. There’s a little alley that leads from the street to my front door, and the darn table will not fit down it — the alley is just about as wide as I am. I’ll have to ask my neighbor if he’ll let me bring it through the first floor of his house.. so for now, it stays in my car.

Now that I have all the essentials, I need to start being extremely careful with what I’m spending. Ugh. I’m a real human now. I pay for rent and groceries and internet and gas and.. I don’t even want to think about it. I already spent $85 on food for the week. It’s Tuesday. I also just got my first internet bill! $90. It does feel good to be doing this all on my own, I’m just nervous that I’m not keeping a close enough eye on what I’m actually buying. The price of life certainly does add up pretty fast!


Wavy DreamsPalm Daydreams

I feel like I want to use Hummusbird as an outlet for anything I end up creating.. so you guys may see some out-of-context things like these images above. I like to have a place for myself to see random creations that I mess with, and if one thing that I make can in some way inspire one other person to create something, then I’m happy. 🙂


This is a pretty talented 18-year-old photographer. I ain’t no model, but we did a couple mini shoots a few months ago, before I moved to Philly.. and before Will moved to Cali to do some work for Vans. It’s hard to believe he’s six years younger than I am. I think I have a lot to learn from this little cutie!

empty beach

It is SO beautiful out today. I started off my morning with a nice run outside and then did some free weights on the beach — like, I took my shoes off, hopped up onto a rock, and stared out into the ocean as I worked out my arms. It was so awesome.

The beach looked so beautiful that I had to come back with my camera. On my walk there, I found a little turtle who was trying to cross the road upside down! I picked him up and helped him on his way (photo here).

Later on I’m going to ride bikes around the park with my boy Jon-Pierre. Today is great. I can’t wait for RIGHT NOW.