it’s moving day!

Well, I’M not the one who’s moved; Hummusbird is. is now I’m working on switching the domain over, but please bear with me for now! I’ve also decided to lose all my old posts. I wanted to start fresh. I hope this doesn’t upset any of you (I doubt it will). If you ever want to read any of my old stuff, you can always come back here! Even once the domain switches, everything should still live on

Peace out for now, WordPress. You’ve been very good to me, but it’s time I get moving on. I hope I see all of you over on Blogger! 🙂



I spent last weekend back home in New York for the first time in a month. Although it was a pretty short trip, I got to see multiple groups of people I love in multiple different places, so it feels like it was quite a full weekend. Now that I’m thinking about it, I actually got to spend a lot of time outside, too, which is awesome because lately I’ve been wondering where the summer’s going…

I even got to swim in a pool. UNDERWATER. I even did a couple DIVES. T’was a pretty good weekend, indeed.

sunday morning

Pillow Wall CurtainCerealBlack and White BedMirrors

Is there anything better than waking up on a Sunday morning and having nothing better to do than to hang out in your bed listening to music, admiring how pretty everything around you looks in the natural light? This describes the past two mornings for me, and it’s been the first time I’ve had this since moving here. Something about being in my apartment in the daytime with nothing to do really makes me feel happy and comfortable. I think this is exactly what I needed for me to get the feeling of “home” here — something I’m still working on. It’ll take time, but I think I’m getting there. Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you have as little to do this morning as I do.

firefly festival: the atmosphere

My Feet Firefly FestivalPeople at FireflyDeep V Firefly FestivalHula Hoop at Firefly FestivalGuitarGirl Blowing BubblesHippie Parking SignInside Van Firefly FestivalSoap on CarCoolest VW VanInside VW VanGuy at Firefly FestivalVIP at Firefly FestivalCrowd Atmosphere at Firefly

Firefly Festival was a lot to handle. I mean, it was my first festival, so of course it was going to be a lot for me. But it was so awesome. So many good things happened. So many funny things happened. So many things went wrong, but so many things went so much more right than I could have ever imagined.

It was Firefly’s first year in existence, and it was quite clear that the event had a lot of “figuring out” to do, but I am in no way complaining. The slight disorganization of it all made the weekend so unexpected — in the best ways possible. Everyone’s phones were dead. There was borderline zero cell phone service. Meeting up with people was utterly impossible. The volunteers had no idea what was going on. The workers hadn’t the slightest hint of a clue to an answer to any question. But that’s what made it all so great. For the first two days, no one knew the difference between a media pass and a VIP pass, so our passes which were meant solely to allow us to bring a DSLR into the festival now allowed us to eat free food, get free water bottles, watch the shows from better spots, and — the best part — use bathrooms that were one step up from porta potties. It was a crazy mess of a weekend and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

And, oh yeah, we slept in a car both nights. It’s not that we didn’t have a tent, it’s just that we preferred not to use it. Ha!

I can’t say that I see another festival in my future, but then again, I can’t say that I don’t. 🙂

so lucky

Jon and Brigette

I must be the luckiest person in the world. How do I deserve to be surrounded by such amazing people? I have been overwhelmed with non-stop check-ins from everyone making sure I’m okay. I’m gonna be fine — I don’t even know why anyone cares so much! Then Gretchen comes to take care of me for an entire weekend. Now Jon’s coming. Tomorrow night. To stay with me for the rest of the week until we drive back to New York Friday night. This darn cutie took off of work for three whole days on one day’s notice to come make sure I’m okay. I’m gonna cry. Any suggestions on how I can ever repay these angels in my life?