vintage finds: tiny love

Tiny VaseTiny Vase on Tiny PlatesTiny PlatesPretty Tiny PlatesTiny Flower Vase on Tiny Plates

I have always been a sucker for anything itty bitty. Today I went to a giant flea market in the ‘burbs with my friends and made out with (among others) the tiny little gems above. Five extra small antique butter dishes and one baby perfume glass bottle (which I’m using as a vase). I have no idea what I’m going to use the butter dishes for, but I’m pretty stoked about them!


vintage finds: my kitchen

Antique Silver Serving UtensilsVintage KitchenFlowers Kitchen TableVintage Silver UtensilsVintage Glass Bowl with Yellow Lace DetailAntique Silver and Glass Salt and Pepper ShakersVintage Metal Fan

I think the most exciting part about moving into my own apartment is that, for the first time in my life, I get to have my own kitchen. No, that’s definitely it. Ever since I first got into decorating, I’ve longed for a gorgeous bright white kitchen with all different kinds of unique antique glasses, plates, and utensils, each complete with pretty details — the kind that they just don’t make anymore. Now my kitchen is nowhere near bright, but it does happen to be white, and I’m starting to get the gorgeous part down, too. I’m having so much fun collecting little kitchenware gems whenever I come across them.

My ultimate goal is to have a full eclectic mix of swirly, floral, dainty everything, where there are no more than two of each item. I’m picturing gatherings I want to host once I have a house, where every place setting has a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, wine glass and water glass — and every single piece is unique. I know it’s going to take a while to build up the collection of my dreams, but right now there’s only one person eating here regularly, and she’s pretty content with that which she uses to serve herself up some food each day.

fridge decor

I must apologize for my complete lack of presence in Hummusbirdland lately! As you guys know, I recently moved into a new place.. and guess what? I still don’t have internet! It’s quite frustrating, but I’m trying to work it out.

I’ve started to decorate and I’d say it’s coming along quite nicely! It’s starting to feel like home — minus a kitchen table and a few other necessities. Above are some pictures of my newly decorated fridge! I didn’t really plan on decorating it — it just, kind of, happened. Jon gave me a bunch of adorable bird bottlecap magnets and I immediately knew that they had to be on my refrigerator. I started adding some random things, like braided yarn, birch bark, and dried flowers, and my little fridge came right to life!

Once it was decorated I realized that I had accidentally created something sweet — it appears to be a scene of birds working together to make a nest! How cute?! I think I’ll build on this little work of art in months to come. I envision lots of hanging bits of fabric and many more dried flowers in this fridge’s future!

I’ve been back to New York almost every weekend since I’ve moved here, but I’ll be spending this weekend in Philly. I’m excited to get to know my ‘hood and find out everything this city has to offer!

I really hope to have internet by next week. If I do, you better believe I’ll be right here on this little blogspace right away! Have a great weekend, kids. Be good, and get well soon.

thrift scores

I have just returned from my first thrift excursion as a resident of Philadelphia. I’m pretty pleased with what I got. It’s crazy that these days I have zero interest in looking at clothes while I’m thrifting — my mind is purely focused on housewares. How gorgeous is the color palette of that rug? And the antique soup spoons just melt my heart — I can’t wait to use them. I also love that crochet thing, whatever it is.

the best iphone stand you’ve ever seen

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an iPhone stand. Yes, an iPHONE STAND. As if my boy wasn’t already the sweetest in existence, he had to go and outdo himself. Since I just moved to Philly and he’s in New York, we spend a LOT of time FaceTiming. Like, a lot. I spent my first two weeks propping my phone up on whatever was within arm’s reach, but it just wasn’t cutting it. Jon MADE this stand — I’ve been calling it an iPhone terrarium — out of a small plastic stock phone stand, a tin candle lid, and all the little plants and twine you see above. He wanted to make something that would be visually appealing even when it didn’t have a phone in it. Do you think he succeeded? I can’t believe it. My little crafty boy needs his own Etsy shop I’d say.

cinco de (don’t you dare say drinko)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all! I laced up some cacti just for the occasion! Well, I probably would have laced up some cacti anyway. You guys know about my thing with lace. But if you want to see some more Cinco de Mayo party decor ideas, hop over to my post on the BLDG 25 blog!

Have fun holiday and drink lots of (good) beer!

just like home

I’m starting to acquire some pretty things for my new place and I am SO incredibly excited about it. Of course, I haven’t yet found said new place, but these little things are making me feel so much more at home in my temporary apartment. I’m really lucky to be working for a company that has awesome sample sales on the regular, so I foresee some excellent housewares scores in my future!

Now I’m off to go see an apartment — let’s hope it’s a good one!

faux lush terrarium

Terrariums are so in right now, and with good reason — they’re awesome! I had so much fun making this one a while back, but keeping it alive wasn’t too fun — I just couldn’t figure out how to get it to thrive. Jon recently made the terrarium above for me and I absolutely adore it. Not only is it the most simply stunning little world, it totally solves the plant-killing issue! All you need is a glass ornament, some twine, a couple feathers, some faux plant-life, a glue gun, and a pair of tweezers. And a really steady hand.

two little hummusbirds

I just got these two gorgeous white birds as a gift from my dad’s good friend Paula. I’ve never actually had a chance to meet Paula in person, but we always chat online — she’s one of the sweetest, most positive people I know! She came to my house for dinner a few nights ago and I’m so upset that I missed her. I’m so smitten with these birds and I can’t wait for them to find a new home with me in Philly!

hello yellow

The lovely big forsythia tree in my yard has been calling my name for weeks! Today I finally decided to cut some and bring it into the house. Y’all know how much I love bringing the outdoors in.

Forsythia is awesome because all it takes is one little branch in a vase to make a statement — a nice little pop of color. You could also do a whole bunch in a bigger vase for a more romantic look.

HA! As I’m typing this, my sister says to me, “This room looks so much better with these daisies or whatever.”

I’m glad she noticed!

(Floral dress & belt: thrifted)