sneak peek

Sneak Peek Beauty DIY

Sneak Peek Beauty DIY

A little sneak peek of a really easy beauty DIY I’m doing on BLDG 25 next week. Check over there on Monday morning to see!!


festival hair

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Next weekend I’m going to Firefly Festival with my friend Cheryl.. I’ll also be meeting up with mah sista and an entire group of awesome people, as well as whoever else ends up going! I’m SO incredibly excited. I’ll be helping Cheryl out for her music blog mylifeinsound, interviewing some bands and makin’ some videos. I’m also going to make a video for Free People and try to document some festival fashion and cool tent setups! I’m anticipating a crazy 3 days, but I could not be more excited.

Last night I wore my hair with the braid you see above and I’m kind of digging it as an idea for the festival. To be honest I woke up this morning with my hair looking like this and just added in a little flower before I took the photos.. so when I do it f’real, it’ll hopefully look a little more put together. I’ll probably experiment with adding in some more braids in different sizes and styles. I’m also starting to put together some outfits. I’d like to have three solid looks planned out (which I never do) so that I don’t have to worry about putting outfits together while I’m there. I’m going to borrow some pieces from work ’cause you know I gotta represent Free Peepz! I’ll be doing a post on BLDG 25 this week about “what to wear”, so ya’ll can look out for that if you wish 🙂

dollar store gems: lace hair bows

It’s no secret that I love lace hair bows (duh), so I was pretty excited when I spotted these at the dollar store. $1 for a set of 2.. so that means.. FIFTY CENTS EACH? Indeed. I’m trying to grow my bangs out, which is proving to be QUITE frustrating, so lately I’ve been testing out new things to do. This way I can draw the attention away from the weirdly shaped fringe at the front of my head (yes, Theo. I said fringe). You can expect some more hair-related posts in the months to come!